General Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Deductible Options? what is my parents do not want to say in canadafor the full year?


Answer: When applying for medical insurance, the applicant can choose one of deductible options : $0, $50, $75, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000. Deductible means the portion of eligible expenses you must pay from your own pocket when a claim occurs. The higher deductible, the less premium you will pay for the policy: a discount may be 5% – 45% depending on the deductible amount and the plan. CALL US TODAY ! 780-716-1516

Question: Is it mandatory to buy insurance from a Canadian Insurance company instead of from a company in their home country?


Answer: Canadian medical providers (hospital, dentists, medical clinics, etc.) prefer to work with Canadian insurance companies. There is direct billing between hospitals and the Canadian insurance companies. In the event that you have to pay for expenses and then file a claim, Canadian insurance companies will have a faster claim procedure as they can verify Canadian medical expenses faster than providers in overseas countries (so you get reimbursed faster).


Also, Canadian insurance companies are regulated by Canadian regulators, at some of the very highest standards around the world. In fact, they are also re-insured by Assures - a Canadian government agency that will cover up to $60,000 of medical expenses in case a Canadian insurance company becomes insolvent. Not that that is likely, but it's nicer to know that you are insured no matter what happens. Also, for proof of insurance at immigration/entry time, paperwork is best shown in English or French.

Question: Do I need to take a medical test before I can buy Visitors to Canada insurance?

Answer: No. There is no medical exam required prior to purchase. You will have to fill the form which comprises of a few medical questions. You must answer all questions honestly, as not doing so may void (cancel) your coverage. If you have to submit a claim, the insurance company will investigate to determine if your condition was a pre-existing one, and/or whether you were honest on your application.

Question: What is the best way to get information if i still need some help?

Answer: Contact us by phone 780-906-0000 , and or please visit our Head Office and we can walk you thought the process. 


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